Who are the so-called “Marxist Historians” who denigrated Hindu history? This question was asked on quora and being a registered member at quora, I received this question with an answer. This question is answered by Adity Kulkarni, (Arm Chair historian) in detail. He has given the full detail about, how academic projects money, were misappropriated and using taxpayers money were used to propagate their own agenda. ICHR (Indian Council of Historical Research), who were headed by most of these so-called Marxist Historians, misused the power and denigrated Hindu history. He also quoted the book “Eminent Historians” written by “Arun Shourie”. Below, I am sharing the complete detail of the answer verbatim.

Here is the link to Mr. Aditya Kulkarni’s answer. I liked his answer. So, here are some interesting link, I am sharing

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