Keep Calm and Eat Cookies

An easy recipe of chocolate cookies that you enjoy making and eating as well!

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India and it’s Mysteries

A hidden truth in the Ramayan’s Hanuman Chalisa. You will love top know what possibilities India has and how it can change and grow with time is those treasures are revealed

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Escape for Love

This post is about how a woman escapes the painful tragedy of life in a torn land and finally reaches her happy life and peaceful life.

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Shanta: Ram’s Sister

A year has passed since I published my book Ram’s Sister: True scion of Raghu. It is a mythological fiction which speaks the story of Shanta the elder sister of Lord Ram. The woman who was lost long ago in the pages of itihas. A strong woman is always despised by this world. She is

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Sita : Daughter of the Earth

The book written by Saraswati Nagpal is a beautiful outline of Ramayana. For starters it is an easy and convenient method to understand the main essence of the epic. The story has been started with an explanation of minutes detail of Ramayana. It has an image of Sita explaining  “treta yuga” and the structure of

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